Small recap on Citrix technology exchange 2013 #CitrixTEE13

Today is was virtual at the Citrix Technology Exchange which was held in Rotterdam Netherlands. I must say i like the possibility to join this online saving me traveling time and time to do thing before and after the event. The audio and video was very good. Below a small recap on what was told [...]

hyper-v to VMware migration Unable to obtain hardware information for the selected machine

last week i tried to migrate virtual machines from a hyper-v server to VMware with the standalone convertor of VMware version 5.01. everything went wellt for the test environment but i could nog get any vm of the acceptance environment. i keep getting the error Unable to obtain hardware information for the selected machine In [...]

My 2 cents about a upgrade of VMware virtualcenter and SRM from 5.0 to 5.1

Last week i was at an customer where i had to upgrade VMware from 5.0 to 5.1. Two other consultants faild to do this upgrade. This customer has two datacenters with on each datacenter one virtual machine with everything installed on one box. The virtualcenter servers where also configured in linked mode.  The following was installed [...]

xenserver configure additional nic

With the latest xenserver versions it is not necesarry or even supported to edit the config files. With XenCenter, go to the “Networking” tab and select configure, then new interface.It is just that easy.Via the CLI, you need to do a “xe pif-list | more” and get the UUID of the PIF you need to [...]

Citrix best practices reference list for XenApp/XenDesktop design

I want to share a list of all citrix best practices documents that contain usefull information when you have to write a XenApp of XenDesktop design. design part best practice guide active directory Edoc-Recommendations for Active Directory Environments application virtualization virtual application management with microsoft application virtualization 4.5/4.6 and system center configuration manager 2007R2 2012 [...]

scvmm vm status initializing checkpoint operation

today i had a strange thing with a vm in initialization checkpoint operation. on hyper-v manager level the vm was running fine.  the snapshot was also there. in scvmm there was not the option to do a refresh or repair option. the only way to get the status of this vm fixed is to remove [...]

There are no Master Images Associated with this Catalog

I am using XenDesktop now for some time and had the error “There are no Master Images Associated with this Catalog” several times. since xendesktop 5.x Citrix added a link to an ctx article that doesn’t make sense for most of the time. If you get this problem check three things. check your rights [...]

What i miss in all vsphere design books

There are a lot vsphere design books out there. The books i have are. Mastering VMware vSphere 4 Scott Lowe VMware VSphere and Virtual Infrastructure Security: Securing the Virtual Environment  edward haletky vmware esx advanced technical design guide ron oglesby and scott herold VMware Infrastructure 3: Advanced Technical Design Guide and Advanced Operations Guide ron [...]

watch out with pinpointing vm to esx host

  In esx 4 its possible to make a drs group and choose the option to pinpoint a vm to an esx host. What i did is making a vm drs group with only one vm in it and a host drs group with only one esx host in it. Then i made a drs [...]