last week i tried to migrate virtual machines from a hyper-v server to VMware with the standalone convertor of VMware version 5.01.

everything went wellt for the test environment but i could nog get any vm of the acceptance environment. i keep getting the error

Unable to obtain hardware information for the selected machine

In the test environment i sometimes had this error message but a hyper-v migration back and forward solved this problem.

But now i keep getting this problem. the ports are open, no firewall blocking. tried it with domain admin nothing helps.

When i looked in the logs i only found

Cannot query source HW info: vmodl.fault.SystemError

After some troubleshooting i found out that is was user account control on the hyper-v server. i turned it off and rebooted the hyper-v server. from that point on i was able to convert machines from hyper-v to VMware.